Pablo Picasso said "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up". 

My name is Julie and I live in Wimbledon with my wonderful husband and son. I hail from a rather flamboyant Yorkshire family of artisans and creative types. My great grandfather was a glass blower, my grandmother a tailoress, my father an engineer and the rest of my family a wonderful mix of artists, tailors, graphic designers, performing artists and photographers. So it's hardly surprising that after positions in a myriad of professions including skincare and beauty, marketing and advertising, physical fitness training and IT, I have found my way back on a truly creative path. Whoop whoop!

This is my nana Lulu and my mum Linda on the left, and that's me on the right. Nana worked as a tailoress for many years and was the Queen of flamboyance. She was an extremely stylish and confident woman who had an inner strength that never diminished despite living through two world wars.

She loved to play the piano and was known in her younger days for dancing a mean Charleston. She manoeuvred my grandad Walter around Europe on holidays with military precision when going further afield than Blackpool to see the illuminations was unheard of. She pretended to smoke Sabrani cocktail cigarettes because they looked so pretty, enjoyed an Advocaat and was extremely outspoken, which was a constant source of amusement to all that were not on the receiving end of her!

I have channelled my creativity into making hats and headpieces because Nana loved hats and always wore one. She wore a brooch every day and one of her favourites (and mine) was a cluster of deep red cherries. For this reason I have adopted cherries as my trademark.

Dearest nana Lulu. She is my inspiration and will continue to be as long as I am lucky enough to follow my passion.

Since Fascinating Floradora's conception I have had the great pleasure of training under three milliners, but I have to say my favourite was Denise Innes Spencer, Creative Director and Founder of The British School of Millinery.  Denise passed on many tips and tricks of the trade to me that other milliners would not dream of imparting.  Thanks Denise!

One last thing.  All of the graphics used on my website are my headpieces which I have designed and made.  I do hope you like them.